Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Review: Is it Worth It?

In an over-saturated market of diet and weight loss supplements, finding the right meal replacement shake can be tiresome. Thankfully, Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes offers a well-balanced nutritional supplement. This means that it not only helps shed pounds but also helps promote healthier living. Many consumers are wondering whether or not they should include Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes into their diet and fitness regimen. In our Visalus Vi-Shape Shake review we will discuss all and everything about this product.

visalus vi shape shake review

Typical consumer questions about Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes include:

What is Visalus?
How do Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes work?
What Visalus Vi-Shape Shake ingredients help promote weight loss?
What sets Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes apart?
Is investing in Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes worth it?

This review will serve as a thorough overview of the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes philosophy and formula. Not only will we provide an in-depth look at every aspect of the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes system, but we will also look into who Visalus is as a weight-loss and nutrition company. In conclusion, this review will help determine whether or not adding Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes into your fitness routine is the right decision for you.

What is Visalus?

With a foundation of good nutritional values and what they call “a powerful social network as our mobilizer,” Visalus not only strives to promote healthy weight loss but overall healthy lifestyles. Founded in 2005, Visalus has made incredible contributions to the weight loss community. In 2012, the company was awarded the Bravo Growth Award by Direct Selling News, as recognition for a total growth of over 600% during 2011.

What has continued to propel Visalus into weight loss success is their strong commitment to helping each individual reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Their Vitality conferences provide opportunities to spread education, inspiration, motivation, and share success stories from all across the globe.

With a comprehensive value system and high integrity, Visalus is quickly emerging as the number one weight loss and fitness challenge program in the nation.

How Do Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes Work?

do visalus v shape shake work

While Visalus offers many all-inclusive kits that include additional health supplements, the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes are the core component of each and every kit.

As meal replacement shakes, they are ideally substituted for at least 1-2 meals per day. Each serving comes with 22 grams of protein to help you feel full and cut down on hunger cravings throughout the day. While the primary weight loss function of Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes are to replace unhealthy meals and control hunger cravings, they also carry significant nutritional benefits as well.

A patented blend of Tri-sorb proteins takes easily absorbed proteins to create a filling, long-lasting meal replacement. The additional fiber, minerals, vitamins, calcium, and enzymes not only boost weight loss, but they provide thoroughly healthy supplements. Successful weight loss depends on the workout, proper nutrition, easily gained through Vi-Shape Shakes.

Introducing Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes into your diet and fitness routine can help accomplish the following goals:

  • Weight loss
  • Energy Boost
  • Better overall fitness and health

What Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Ingredients Help Promote Weight Loss?

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes come with 26 vitamins and minerals—including high amounts of calcium to promote bone density and structural health—but these 26 ingredients only touch the surface.

The core ingredients inside Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes to promote weight loss and healthy living are:

Tri-sorb Protein Blend:

The patented Tri-sorb protein has two forms of whey protein and non-GMO soy protein. It works naturally—and effectively—to keep your body feeling fuller for longer periods of time.


As a prebiotic, Fibersol not only contributes towards feeling full, but it also promotes healthy digestion by providing healthy regularity and supporting the immune system.


This patented enzyme blend provides a healthy boost to your body, maximizing protein absorption, as well as the absorption of additional essential nutrients.
Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes are also one of the lowest-calorie meal replacement shakes on the market. With only 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, and less than 1 gram of sugar, these shakes provide maximum weight loss benefits without having to sacrifice nutrition.

What Sets Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes Apart?

how different is vi-shape

Having high levels of nutrients with low levels of fat and carbohydrates, Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes stands out amongst the competition. Moreover, the brand has created a meal replacement shake that avoids the bitter or chalky aftertaste; This is an issue which plagues so many other shakes.

Visalus markets their Vi-Shape Shakes as “The shake mix that tastes like a cake mix,”. The customer reviews have proven them right. Their Sweet Cream flavor fulfills every nutritional and taste requirement. One customer calls it “a near dessert,” applauding the Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes for making dieting much easier. Another customer review says that the Sweet Cream flavor “tastes amazing on its own,” but can be easily supplemented, depending on personal preference.

Another aspect that actually sets Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes apart is their commitment to creating a gluten-free product. This is in addition to only using kosher dairy in their ingredients. This is a huge benefit for those with dietary sensitivities, making Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes a dynamically beneficial choice.

Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Review: Verdict

visalus vi shape worth the price

If you are looking for high nutritional value, Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes provide an excellent option. If you want to add delicious taste and maximized weight loss benefits, investing in Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes are worth it. Finding a meal replacement shake that is not only good for you but actually tastes good is a rare thing when searching for weight loss supplements.

With a long-standing record for excellence and community commitment, Vi-Shape Shakes has indeed set the bar for meal replacement supplements.

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  1. Kanisha Limbaugh | December 6, 2016 at 4:30 pm | Reply

    I didn’t know Britney Spears used this one. I have heard of it from another fitness blog and on social media. Sounds very promising. I have to make a decision on which shake will work best for me. Your blog is super helpful for that!

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