Top 3 Best Fat Burners To Vanish Stubborn Fat

Fat burners can be phenomenal supplements to your fitness routine. They provide an extra boost to help you get the most from your workout, steadily melting away stubborn fat. The catch, of course, is that even the best fat burner is the most efficient when combined with a healthy diet and workout regimen.
With a litany of available fat burning products on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which one will work best for you. Our Best Fat Burners review will focus on the most common questions related to fat burners, and we will provide a detailed, expert list of the top-performing fat burning supplements. Common questions include:

  • How do fat burners work?
  • Types of ingredients these supplements have?
  • What sort of results can I expect from using fat burners?
  • Which fat burning supplements are the most popular?

Through answering these questions, this review will provide an expert overview of what fat burners are, how they work, and how to find the right fat burning supplement for your diet and exercise routine.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners typically work to eliminate fat through three different methods: supplying energy, increasing body temperature, and with some formulas, suppressing appetite.

Supplying energy gives you increased motivation and drive to work harder for longer periods of time. This is especially crucial when fat burners become added to a fitness routine. Stimulants like caffeine and green tea are typical energy sources in fat burners.

Increasing body temperature helps stimulate metabolism, urging your body to use stored fat as an additional energy source. This process is called thermogenesis, and it is the most effective method for eliminating fat that these supplements use. Thermogenesis allows for the body to burn calories at an accelerated rate.

As an appetite suppressant, fat burners interfere with hunger signals that are sent throughout your body by hormones and neurotransmitters. Of course, they are not meant to stop hunger cravings altogether, but rather aim to cut back on occasional cravings between meals.

Types Of Ingredients These Supplements Have?

While no fat burner is the same, some common ingredients have proven fat burning effects. When looking for a fat burner to add to your fitness routine, it may be worthwhile to keep an eye out for these particular ingredients.

  • L-Carnitine

This amino acid takes charge of transferring fatty acids into the mitochondria. These cells are responsible for creating and maintaining energy. To get maximum energy results, the recommended dose of L-Carnitine is about 2,000 mg before your workout begins.

  • Caffeine

To boost energy levels, nearly all fat burners will include caffeine. This stimulant promotes thermogenesis, raising body temperature and improving metabolism. The energy sourced from caffeine can also increase endurance when working out.

Of course, too much caffeine can have negative side effects, but a healthy serving can be very effective in burning fat. A good baseline is 100 mg of caffeine, upping the dosage according to how your body reacts.

  • Green Tea

This natural supplement is a very effective antioxidant, and can be a source of energy and can raise your metabolism. Adding green tea extract can enhance the supplement’s ability to create fat burning results. A great dose is anywhere between 120-340 mg.

  • Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper contains the alkaloid piperine, which studies have suggested can help maintain weight loss. Piperine can contribute to blocking the development of fat cells, making it an effective ingredient in fat burners. Additionally, it has increased health benefits by soothing an upset stomach and increasing nutrient absorption by decreasing intestinal activity.

  • Cayenne Pepper Extract

This is a potent and effective natural ingredient. Because cayenne peppers have so much spice, they can be incredibly useful for increasing metabolism. Cayenne pepper raises body temperature levels, which in turn stimulates metabolism and fat burning processes.

What Sort of Results Can I Expect from Using The Best Fat Burners?

The best results come from integrating high quality fat burners into a regularly established diet and exercise routine. Fat burners work along with your natural processes to enhance natural fat burning, not just create it out of thin air. Without keeping to a strict diet and fitness schedule, you won’t feel the full effects of fat burners.

However, by supplementing your diet and exercise routine with fat burners, you can experience some great results. Users typically report that fat burners have provided:

  • Long-lasting energy
  • Increased endurance during workouts
  • Higher stamina
  • Less accumulation of body fat
  • Greater mental focus

Integrating fat burners into your diet and exercise routine can give your body the necessary boost to melt away stubborn body fat while improving energy and mental clarity along the way.

Looking at the most highly-rated fat burning supplements depends on taking a close look at ingredient lists. For fat burners, ingredients are key, and the best fat burners tend to have increased focus on providing effective, proven ingredients as a top priority.

        Top 3 Best Fat Burners

  1. Instant Knockout   

instant knockout fat burner

Since it is created for use by professional boxers and MMA fighters to help shed excess body fat quickly, this fat burning supplement is incredibly useful. A big draw is that they only use 100% natural ingredients. Their list of 10 ingredients covers the essential elements for the great fat burning results: green tea, caffeine, piperine, and green coffee bean.

Instead of L-Carnitine, Instant Knockout uses an influx of Vitamin B12. This not only helps convert fatty acids into energy, but Vitamin B12 also improves protein synthesis, which promotes muscle growth.

While not all fat burners act as appetite suppressants, Instant Knockout manages to do it all. An additional ingredient, called glucomannan, is a natural dietary fiber that can help you feel full for longer periods of time, effectively curbing appetite.

  1. PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner


Another popular product, the PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner by Transparent Labs, is perfectly geared towards increasing metabolism, curbing hunger cravings, and making weight loss accessible. Green tea and caffeine extracts play a significant role in promoting thermogenesis. This fat burner also includes some unique ingredients that other fat burners do not, which can drastically improve results.

Forslean is a high-quality extract that stimulates the release of fatty acids from the stubborn tissue. Not only does it decrease fat, but it also increases lean muscle. With 400 mg in every serving, Forslean is an essential component in this ingredient profile.

5-HTP is a natural intermediate in the conversion of serotonin. Increasing serotonin levels can have significant benefits when dieting. Studies have shown that dieting individuals who take 5-HTP have reduced appetites, reduced carbohydrate intakes, and increased fat loss.

  1. Shred JYM Fat Burner

Shred JYM Fat Burner

Due to its ability to condense its ingredients list to the core components of fat burning, Shred JYM has become extremely popular. This fat burning supplement includes L-Carnitine, Green Tea extract, caffeine, and Cayenne Pepper fruit. Green Tea and caffeine stimulate energy and increase metabolism, while cayenne pepper enhances this process by raising body temperature. L-Carnitine is what helps support and initiate energy transfer from fat cells, working with other ingredients to provide an overall efficient method to melt away fat.

This supplement is incredibly efficient at encouraging fat cells to dissipate and works to burn fat through converting it to energy. Users experience sustained energy, boosted metabolism, and overall improvement of their workouts.


While fat burners indeed carry a wealth of benefits, it is important to remember that, as a supplement, proper use is key to obtaining maximum results.

Due to the marketing and false advertisements, it is easy to believe that fat burners are strong enough to work on their own, independent of diet and physical exercise. Much as all good things, the best results are attained when hard work and dedication are involved. Hence, the best way to get enhanced results from fat burners is to combine them with healthy eating and good exercise.

As a part of a routine, fat burners can work wonders by utilizing key ingredients to stimulate natural internal processes and melt away stubborn fat.

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  1. It seems that items like this, green tea and such, only work for certain types of fat. Like I noticed caffeine is great for weight loss in the butt and legs, but not the stomach and green tea is the apposite of that. L-Carnitine is something I have to read more up on, that is a new one to me!

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