The Best Blend of a Cardio and Abs Workout

In the crazy fashion world today, being fit is everything that anyone can desire. However, many people fall short of the dream of achieving their ideal shape body, not because they don’t try, but because they fail to adopt the right way of losing weight.

No matter what diet regimes they try, their stubborn fat just doesn’t seem to budge and we don’t blame them. Little do they realize that the best way to target those fat deposits is not by dieting but by exercising those specific parts. Then again, many people hardly have enough time to devote to complex exercise routines.

cardio and abs workout

Keeping this in mind, we have designed the perfect blend of a cardio workout with an abs workout to target those stubborn fat patches on the belly in under 30 minutes! This makes it extremely easy to incorporate into your daily routine whenever you have an hour to spare. The best part is, you don’t need to be experienced for this workout to be effective. It’s great for beginners and at the same time works wonders as a great recovery workout for those sore days when you might want to reconsider your high-intensity workout regime.

Workout structure

The workout focuses on two types of workout

1.The abs workout
2.The high-intensity cardio workout.

The exercise is to be done at the maximum strength you can muster for 20 seconds, followed by a 10-Sec rest, twice for each group of exercises. Of course, there are also the warm up and cooling off sessions for 3 minutes each in the workout as well.


The basic workout is divided into three separate groups.

1. Warm up cardio
2. Cardio workout blended with abs workout
3. Cooling off post workout

The warm up is followed by the main exercise bulk that has a combination of cardio and abs exercises, followed by the cooling off and stretch. Here we describe each group in detail to make it easier for you to follow.

  • Warm up cardio

warm up cardio exercise

This part comprises of 6 exercises each performed for 30 seconds to build up the momentum. The warm up starts off with the high-knee pulls which are an excellent core body strengthener, followed by the walk downs. This exercise works both your core muscles and the gluteal at the same time. After this comes, the triceps push up to child pose involving your arms along with these abs. Then come the butt kicks, lifting your legs up to your butt, hence the name. Finally, comes the traditional up and out jacks that successfully involve all the muscles of your body to complete the warm up.

  • Cardio workout blended with abs workout

cardio workout blended

The workout starts with the Russian twists, which are pretty easy to begin with, and target the core. The exercise immediately next to this is the crisscross jack knife. Both these exercises are abs workout and help focus your efforts towards the abdomen. Once you are finished with these, you can move on to the cardio components that include two cardio workout exercises, the switch foot knee, and the lizard lunges. You can then take the designated water break, which lasts for about 2 minutes.
switchfoot knee workout
Moving on, you can start off once again with the two abs workout exercises, this time being the scissor and the flutter kicks. You are to immediately follow these exercises with the cardio workout that includes the push-pull and the jackknife get-ups. Coming to finishing part, you need to end your workout with a final round of high plank knees and toe touch leg drops, along with the stutter jacks and warrior lunges which are the last exercises for the cardio workout for the day.

  • Cooling off post workout

post workout cooling off exercise
Finish off your 30 minutes with some stretches and cooling down exercises to soothe down your body effectively.

Considering the short time, this workout is an extremely efficient way of including exercises that focus on your tummy in your busy daily routine. The workout allows you to burn up to about 176 calories while toning up your body. All those people looking for an efficient way to tone up their belly can take advantage of this unique blend of a cardio workout with an abs workout. You don’t need to worry about stubborn belly fat anymore. All you need to do is step up to shape up!

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  1. I love that this is only 30 minutes. A lot of people, like myself, are limited with time to work out. 30 minutes is completely doable on a daily basis. An hour or more a day is pushing it. I will try some of these out over the weekend!

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