How to Satisfy Sugar Cravings Without Gaining Weight

With all the recent studies about how sugar is bad for your health, it may not seem possible at first that you can still indulge your sugar cravings without consequences. However, it can be difficult to give up on sweets or even avoid sugar entirely if you are trying to lose weight. Because sugar is in so many different foods, it can be quite difficult to keep it totally out of your life. Worse, trying to quit cold turkey may result in caving in and overindulging which only makes things worse.

The good news is that you can still have your sugar and lose weight. The key is to consume sugar in moderation, cutting down to acceptable levels that can be burned off by the body when exercising or by reducing other calories so that the sugar does not turn into fat. Here are a few ways you can satisfy your sugar cravings and still have a lean, fit figure.

Pay for the Sugar

Add exercises to help compensate for the sugar that you consume. Think of it as paying for the sugar that you are going to eat. It will help you feel better in terms of dealing with your sugar cravings and add to your workout routines. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to burn off the excess calories while taking only a few minutes each day.

Reduce the Portions

Look at how much sugar you consume each day and work to eliminate a little at a time rather than trying to go cold turkey. Over the years, you have trained your mind and body to the level of sugar consumption that you have today. So, the best way to still satisfy your cravings while reducing the sugar intake is to slowly decrease the size of the portions.

For example, if you eat two cookies a day, try reducing it to one, but break the cookie in half. By reducing the portions, you can still enjoy your sugar snacks while continuing to lose weight.

Trick Your Mind

Part of the reason why people overindulge when it comes to consuming desserts and other sugar-filled foods is that the anticipation overrides the reality. In other words, your desire to consume the sugar treats may increase the amount you consume. So, you will need to employ a few tricks to reduce what you eat while still satisfying the cravings.

  • Use a small plate
  • Eat slowly
  • Add other, non-sugar foods

For example, if you put a small piece of cake on a plate barely big enough to hold it, the cake will look bigger and trick your mind into thinking that you ate more than enough.

Eat Healthier

Fruits contain sugar, but they also have a considerable amount of fiber which means that some of the sugar does not get absorbed into the body. Try supplementing your sugar snacks with delicious fruits which reduce the amount of sugar your body will take in over time.

Remember, it took time for your body to develop cravings for sugar, so it will take time to change your eating habits.

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