P90x3 Review: Is Investing in P90x3 Worth it?



With increasingly hectic schedules and new commitments each day, more and more people are looking to condense their workout programs. When faced with a long and tiring day of work, it can be difficult—or sometimes even impossible—to get to the gym. This increased focus on creating workout routines that can be done from the convenience of your home has resulted in a powerful regimen: P90x3.

By design, P90x3 creates a wholly beneficial gym environment right in your very own living room. Through a series of DVD’s, P90x3 promises to deliver results through challenging and worthwhile exercise routines. The idea behind these workout routines is to combine cardio with strength training, enabling consumers to accomplish results with only 30 minutes per day. The methodology seems to work: a test group was shown to lose an average of over 34% of existing body fat.

When the original P90x program was released in 2004, it became a national sensation. The fitness professionals have continued to perfect their methods, subsequently releasing P90x3 in 2013. The new P90x3 system operates similarly to the original, promising results with only 30 minutes each day. With a tagline of “Extreme Fitness Accelerated,” P90x3 promises genuine results in a short amount of time.

Accomplishing total body fitness with just 30 minutes a day almost seems too good to be true. With the popularity of P90x3 rising, many consumers are wondering how P90x3 could create such intense, positive effects. This review will strive to answer a few of the most common consumer questions:

  • What is the P90x3 fitness program?
  • How can I get gym-quality results from my home?
  • Are there real health benefits of P90x3?
  • What do customer reviews say about the P90x3 program?
  • What comes with the P90x3 package?
  • Is investing in P90x3 worth it?

By providing a comprehensive look into the methodology and benefits of the P90x3 program, this review will offer an in-depth look at this fitness program. Looking at every aspect of the P90x3 program will provide a thorough view of what this fitness regime entails, including benefits and customer reviews.

What is the P90x3 Fitness Program?


As another successful fitness program brought by BeachBody, P90x3 has created a near sensation. Consumers may recognize the BeachBody name from their Insanity workout program, their line of Shakeology weight-loss and nutrition shakes, or their original P90x program.

Founded in 1998, BeachBody prides themselves on providing expert fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs. Their goal is providing simple, effective ways to help people achieve their fitness goals, and to lead healthy lives. As one of their most popular programs, just one year after its release, P90x3 propelled BeachBody to surpass over $1 billion in sales in 2014.

Created by fitness trainer Tony Horton, P90x3 is relatively straightforward. Compared to the original P90x program, the newer version—P90x3—is packed with highly-efficient workouts, each one designed for maximum intensity and maximum results. Sectioned into 30-minute workouts, participating in P90x3 can bring extraordinary strength and weight-loss results in as little as 90 days.

How Can I Get Gym-Quality Results from My Home?

gym quality results at home

Even if you can’t fit going to the gym into your schedule, it is still possible to achieve the same results—if not better—through the P90x3 system. In fact, the P90x3 system may even save money as well, eliminating the need for hefty gym membership fees. The path to a physically fit body is easily achievable with a television, DVD player, and a bit of open space.

P90x3 can deliver gym-quality results through the following components:

  • 30-minute workouts

    The latest exercise science says that maximum physical progress and results are actually accomplished and determined within the first 30 minutes of a workout. Although each workout section is somewhat short, they are short by specific design. P90x3 calls this their “muscle acceleration system.”

  • Variety and intensity

The key to toning muscle and burning fat is to keep changing your workout. Keeping to the same routine lets your body adapt, and progression drastically slows down. This is called hitting a plateau. By introducing what they call “a concentrated blast of variety and intensity,” the P90x3 system avoids plateauing through adaptation, always pushing your body to improve.

  • Three different approaches

P90x3 comes with three separate programs, each designed to cater to a particular desired outcome. “Classic” will work towards overall strength. “Lean” will help tone muscle without adding unwanted bulk. “Mass” is designed to, of course, increase muscle mass.

Each program will come with the same variety and intensity that defines the P90x3 program, but that intensity and variety will directly correspond to a specific physical fitness goal. Not only does this allow for changing goals, but it also provides a more comprehensive option.

  • Interactive coaching

Each P90x3 workout shows a room of participants, performing every aspect of the workout right alongside you. As a coach, Tony Horton not only demonstrates every exercise, but he also moves across the room, coaching each participant—including the viewer.

Every workout offers a sense of community and personal coaching that can easily bypass the need for a personal trainer, or a gym. P90x3 allows for both of those components to be brought right into your living room.

An additional method employed by P90x3 is by focusing on what trainer Tony Horton describes as eccentric movement. Unlike the name suggests, eccentric movement actually describes a slow lengthening of muscles, like in a bicep curl. Slowing the speed of eccentric movements causes muscles to work harder, increasing the potential for growth.

Of course, there is a great deal of responsibility involved with the P90x3 program. Achieving maximum results requires putting in maximum effort and dedication. Still, with a minimum requirement of only 30 minutes per day, this program provides intense, physique-changing workouts that can indeed produce top-quality results without the use of a gym. Few gyms can promise such extraordinary results.

What Are the Health Benefits of P90x3?

Not only can consumers expect to have stronger, more efficient bodies, but they can also expect to experience additional health benefits as well. While some fitness benefits apply to any regular fitness routine, they are all enhanced by P90x3. Each of the three workout plans included in this system has unique physical benefits that reach beyond simple weight loss.

  • Cardiovascular Benefits

Cardiovascular training strengthens the heart and improves circulation, and P90x3 certainly has intense cardio training. It also reduces your risk for heart disease.

  • Lean Muscle Benefits

Building lean muscle increases overall strength, speed, and agility. Keeping lean muscle also contributes to long-lasting loss of body fat.

  • Muscle Mass Benefits

Cultivating muscle mass raises metabolism, so body fat is burned even long after finishing a workout. Muscle mass also provides quick results, which can increase motivation to continue physical fitness.

An added benefit that applies to all three sections is the emotional benefit of greater self-esteem. While many choose to exercise to maintain a level of physical fitness, many others are compelled to exercise through self-doubt or a lowered sense of self-esteem. Not only does exercise release endorphins throughout the body, raising mood levels, but being physically fit can make a huge difference in self-perception and self-esteem.

What do Customer Reviews Say About the P90x3 System?


Customers have consistently given P90x3 high ratings and reviews since its release in 2013. The vast majority of customers love the convenience of working out from home and feel as though 30 minutes is just enough time to get the best workout possible.

One customer who had previously tried the original P90x and Insanity programs says that this program is not “super difficult like the aforementioned programs,” going on to promote it as “a can-do program.”

Another customer review comes from a sixty-year-old long distance runner, who was looking for increased flexibility, strength, and balance after two back surgeries. The review states that he was able to improve all three through P90x3, and that he can finally “feel like an athlete again and look leaner and stronger.”

Customers report having increased energy levels, along with greater flexibility and strength. More importantly, inches and pounds also disappear, with the typical customer review reporting a loss of 30 pounds over a 90-day period.

Positive reviews range from younger ages to older ages, and across the board between both men and women. With the unique ability to choose workouts, and work at your own pace, this spectacular program will suit nearly every body type and every age.

What Comes with the P90x3 Package?


pictures courtesy of P90x3 by Beachbody

Purchasing the P90x3 Base Kit package will give you a total of 16 unique DVD’s, each with their own workout plan. These workout plans are:

  • 6 Muscle-building Resistance Workouts

Focusing on building muscles in the upper and lower body, these workouts are geared towards both muscle mass and lean muscle.

  • 3 Cross-training Power Workouts

These workouts hone in on agility, speed, and balance to create greater muscle definition and increased control over movement.

  • 3 Fat-burning Cardio Workouts

Utilizing martial arts, resistance training, and interval training, these workouts burn fat and maximize efficiency.

  • 4 Core, Flexibility, and Balance Workouts

Along with a powerful core, yoga and Pilates-based workouts create greater muscle and joint stability and elasticity.

The Base Kit also comes with a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, and a free professional-grade resistance band. Upgrading to the Deluxe Kit adds three new workouts, two additional bands, and Beachbody Performance Energize. The Ultimate Kit tacks on even more value, including a mat, Beachbody Performance Recover, a chin-up bar, and the P90x Chin-Up Max.

Conclusion: Is Investing in P90x3 Worth it?

With a comprehensive workout regimen that produces a wealth of fitness and health benefits, it would be difficult to argue against P90x3. Customers consistently offer high praise for the system and their results, making an easy case to support this fitness system.

It is true that this system is indeed more expensive than the other systems clogging the fitness market; however, the benefits make up for the added cost. What makes this product different from the others is the inclusion of the DVD workouts – work outs don’t have to last for just 90 days anymore! This fitness program allows you to rake in benefits whenever you want and for as long as you want.

Under the guidance of professional trainer Tony Horton, you can achieve high levels of physical fitness, directly from the comfort of your very own home. Convenience, efficiency, and positive health benefits all make P90x3 a valuable investment.

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  1. I actually did use this program and it works. It works great! The only issue I had was after I was on a car accident, my neck and shoulders had issues and it is something I can no longer do. It really does transform your body though!

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