Medifast Review : Does this Weight-Loss Program Really Work?


medifast review

Medifast is a specialized diet program. It was invented by Dr. William Vitale and has been on the market since 1980. In this program, you need to eat selected portions of specific foods. Once registered, you get your program set up and ready. There are three main plans to select from:

  • Achieve Weight Loss Plan
  • Thrive Healthy Living Plan
  • Medifast For Special Diets

All these plans have a strict menu which comprises of food ranging from soups, bars, appetizers, high protein edibles and shakes. Upon starting, you need to eat four meals a day, comprising of a well-balanced snack, two lean meat and one green dish. There are over 70 different options to choose from for each meal.
The meal program comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and boasts several positive feedbacks on its native website.

At A Glance

Features in store:

  • Medifast can be requested online through the official site.
  • There are Medifast meals particularly designed for ladies, men and diabetics.
  • The Medifast count calories program does not include taking chemicals/medicines.
  • The authority Medifast site offers consumer success examples of overcoming adversity.

What Is In The Food: Ingredients

Medifast includes a variety of food types. Here is the list:

  • Soybean Protein
  • Fructose
  • Dextrin
  • Whey Protein
  • Soluble Corn Fiber
  • Egg Whites
  • Yogurt Powder

Other ingredients may be present as well, depending on what food you are ordering.

Soybean and Whey Protein helps in weight loss by providing amino acids and proteins, while having a low calorie count.

High Price – Is The Program Worth The Cost?

Medifast may be all glitter and gold. But is there anything to it besides the shine?

The sticker price for this program ranges between three hundred to four hundred US Dollars. This is a really expensive price and definitely, makes it very hard for the average person to afford it. If that was not, there are additional costs involved as well including the shipping cost. To be honest, it makes the Medifast more of a luxury product than an ordinary one.

There are also reports trending online claiming that the program tries to automatically charge the customer and canceling any order is pretty difficult. In fact, customers even state that logging into the program website can get quite gruesome at times and the customer support completely disappears when it is needed the most. This does make Medifast look like a classic money hogger, with no care about the customers’ wishes.

Other customers even question the validity of the program and its usefulness. They claim that they actually increased their weight while using the Medifast diet and had to drop it to return to their original weight.

Many customers have taken an alternative route of using the Amazon shipment services to avoid the shipping cost.

Customer Opinions And Complaints

As you would have understood from the above mentioned paragraphs, many people are not happy with Medifast. Many of them consider it an ultra-greedy business, with little to no proofs of success. In fact, a customer even went as far as to state that if anyone had an extra $400, he / she should burn it, rather than use it for this program.

The food itself has been criticized severely. Nutrient value apart, the food does not even taste well and spoils the whole experience of eating for most users. Do not be surprised if you find yourself holding your breath and trying to chug all the food through your mouth.

However, in all the bad light, there are also a few happy customers as well. They are few in number though and have no solid claims to make. In general, they saw an improvement in their overall physique after utilizing Medifast for several weeks.

Our exploration has uncovered that if there is one specific part of an eating regimen program or supplement that is exceptionally troublesome (an agonizing/troublesome exercise schedule, expensive cost, client protestations) the likelihood of long haul achievement is low. Along these lines, if Medifast is not adequate to customers, this could be a difficult issue.

Do Science Back Medifast’s Claims?

Well, we have looked at the nutrients included in the Medifast diet program. These nutrients themselves are quite good, however, the amount and variation with which they are eaten affect the eventual result.

Medifast has included a few isolated studies which state that the program is ideal for anyone wanting to be fit. These studies are mentioned on the website and can be looked at by yourself.

However, in our independent research, we have discovered that the effectiveness of this program is limited. The program cannot, scientifically, help anyone get fit to the level it claims of, so do not expect any miracle changes. In comparison to Medifast, a simple decrease in calories by controlling your diet shall give better results. Moreover, controlling your diet does not really cost you an extraordinary amount of money – you just need a better self control.

Verdict – Is Medifast An Ideal Fitness Solution?

The opinion about Medifast and its effectiveness is not clear cut. Both the scientist and customer feedback prove that the program is not as effective as it claims. However, there are several positive reviews and a considerable support for this product online, which shows that its effectiveness may depend on the type of body and the routine of the person using it.  It is a long run program and if you keep up to it, you should see positive changes.

The high cost really makes Medifast totally unattractive, even for experimenting purposes. However, if you have money to spare, you may have a go with it. It is better to be diet conscious yourself and try to maintain a daily calorie deficit. An online research can get you all the guidance you need to achieve your goal of shedding several pounds, without getting your pockets empty.

If you are still wanting a product to help yourself, Leptigen is a program that is to watch out for. It is making headlines in all the forums this year and has racked up lots of positive reviews. It contains four integral ingredients, which have been tested by independent testing agencies and have proven to be effective in helping to shed off weight. These ingredients also hold off hunger and prevent cravings. The best thing is that it has no side effects and the company has no fraudulent activity associated with itself. The product comes with a solid 15 days money back guarantee, if, in any case, you are not satisfied with its performance.




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