Insanity Workout Review

Insanity is a popular home fitness workout program created by trainer Shaun T as part of Beachbody. In this Insanity workout review, we check out how the 60-day program uses zero equipment and works the entire body, relying on “Max Interval Training” to burn off the weight. Max Interval Training is the reason Insanity can deliver such dramatic results. It’s a variation of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), in which participants work as hard as they can for 3-5 minutes and then rest in 30-second increments.

HIIT – The Foundation of Insanity

Intense workout reviews punctuated by brief rest periods are more efficient than regular cardio or weight training. In fact, you can achieve more progress in 15 minutes of HIIT than in one hour on the treadmill. The Insanity program takes HIIT to the next level by ramping up the intensity—it is the “hardest fitness workout ever put on DVD,” after all.


The Physical Benefits of the Insanity Workout

• With Insanity Max Interval Training, you can expend 1,000 calories within each hour of working out
• Due to the cardio-heavy nature of Insanity, you’ll get a great aerobic workout each time, helping increase blood flow and oxygen through your body
• When you do intense cardio, your brain releases endorphins, which act as natural painkillers and are often associated with workout based euphoria like a “runners high”

The great thing about Insanity is you don’t have to sacrifice more than 6 hours per week to work out (not including the time spent preparing meals from their Elite Nutrition Program). Insanity’s high level of exertion means you’ll only need to spend 30-60 minutes working out per day, six days a week, for the 60-day period. Most adults spend six times that amount of hours watching television. If you can commit yourself to two months of the hardest workouts of your life, you’ll be rewarded by insane results. Just remember not to neglect the meal program, which lays out healthy meals in the correct proportions to lose weight or gain muscle depending on your goals. Health starts in the kitchen.

One of the benefits of HIIT is the aftereffect of working so hard. On top of the calories burned while exercising, a process called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) begins. The body increases oxygen consumption to restore itself to equilibrium, meaning it converts fat into energy for fuel. This is great news for people looking to lose weight and gain muscle because after high-intensity exercise the EPOC can last up to 24 hours after you stop working out. Of course, the calories burned and length of the afterburn period depend on how hard you work out. Luckily, Intensity always pushes you to your limit, maximizing the afterburn effect.

What You Get When Buying Insanity



  •  Ten DVD’s with exercises for the following five different workout programs
    •  Month One
      •  Plyometrics
      •  Upper Body Resistance
      •  Pure Cardio
      •  Cardio Abs
      •  Recovery
    •  Month Two
      •  Max Interval Circuit
      •  Max Interval Plyo
      •  Max Cardio Conditioning
      •  Max Recovery

The first month’s 5 workouts do the following for your body: Plyometrics—or jump training—works on your legs and glutes, Upper Body Resistance shapes the muscles of your upper body, Pure Cardio burns most fat possible, Cardio Abs target the core and define the abs, and Recovery at the end of the week lets your body rest and recharge from all that strenuous exercise.

The second month only consists of 4 workouts, but it is far more challenging. The Max Interval Circuit works the whole body at extreme intervals, Max Interval Plyo blasts the leg muscles, while Max Cardio Conditioning pushes your lungs to the limit, and the Max Recovery workout helps restore and prepare the body for increasingly tough workouts ahead.

Yes, the second month’s workout is harder. However, you will have increased stamina and motivation after completing the first month. The Elite Nutrition program also ups the calories for this month to ensure the body is properly fueled throughout the last stretch of Insanity. The program also includes “fit tests” every two weeks on Mondays to track your progress. Be advised that some of the days will include two sets of workouts designed to push you to work even harder.

Also included when you purchase the Insanity program are several bonuses that will help you keep yourself on track and accountable.

  • The Insanity Sixty Day Calendar
    • This is a daily guide that will keep you on track with what you need to be doing every day of the program
  • The Insanity Quick Start Guide
    • This guide will get you going into your workout within ten minutes of getting your program
  • The Elite Sixty Day Nutrition Plan
    • You’ll get sixty days’ worth of delicious recipes so that you can get the nutrition you need to make the most.
  • 24/7 access to the Insanity community of accredited trainers and fellow Insanity members

The Pros and Cons of Insanity

insanity workout review

Photo credits – insanity

Insanity is an intense cardio based workout designed to get you maximum results in a sixty-day period. You need to look no further than the widely available before and after pictures of those that make a commitment to the program to see that fantastic results are attainable.This comes with insanity workout schedule and calendar in pdf format

The Good:

  •  It’s a sixty-day program – commit for just sixty days and see results
  • People report that when doing high-intensity exercises like the Insanity workout that they experience more energy and focus
  • The music in the workouts has a great beat and is highly motivating
  • The sixty-day calendar helps keep you on track and makes it easy to know what to do each
  • The provided meal plan makes it easy to eat well
  • You don’t have to be in great shape to start the program; you can complete the workouts at your own pace and still enjoy the
  • The workouts offer a large variety of exercise, keeping you interested and not bored

The Bad:

  • If you have joint issues such as problems with your ankles or knees, you may need to modify the workouts due to the impact


Insanity is a great program with a great structure that helps you stay accountable. If you commit to it, there is no way you won’t experience the benefits. When you’re ready to take on the Insanity workout, ramp up to it by doing some consistent exercise for a couple of weeks before. This way you’ll be ready to jump in and take full advantage of what Insanity can do for you.


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  1. My cousin used this program so I know it works, he looks amazing! I have seen it in action and while I would love to be able to do it, I have to add that it is not a good idea for anyone with neck issues. TRUST ME! I did it once over his house and I was a wreck for a week, in pain from my neck and shoulders.

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