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hello fresh meal delivery review

It comes as no surprise that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is vital to overall health and well-being. However, trying to consume a balanced diet full with the proper vitamins and nutrients can be challenging, especially for those who lead a busy lifestyle. But, what if you were to be supplied with everything that you need to make a healthy, nutritious – and even tasty – meal without the hassle of all of the planning?

Hello Fresh, a meal delivery company, is making it possible to do just that. This company isn’t like the services those services that you see celebrities promoting or that you see on infomercials in the wee hours of the morning that promise to deliver healthy meals and rapid weight loss.

The Hello Fresh meal delivery company does all of the work for you so that you can make nutritious and delicious meals without having to worry about doing the shopping or learning how to prepare new recipes. To find out more about this ground-breaking meal delivery company, check out this detailed Hello Fresh review.

Hello Fresh: What Is It?

An international food company, Hello Fresh produces thoughtful and healthy meal kits that contain all of the ingredients that you need to prepare nutritious meals in your own home. Unlike so many other meal delivery companies, you will never find any processed foods with Hello Fresh. Instead, this company produces what they refer to as ‘recipe boxes.’ Their renowned chefs create innovative recipes that are simple to make, and they provide all of the fresh ingredients that you need to make those recipes. All of the items you need to make these recipes are collected by Hello Fresh boxed up and shipped out to your door.

Subscribers to Hello Fresh receive all of the items that they need to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals, as well as the step-by-step recipes to turn the ingredients into tasty meals. When you order Hello Fresh, you will be able to make your own fresh and healthy meals, minus the struggle of trying to devise your own healthy meal plan and finding your own recipes. The hassle less of creating a detailed shopping list, going to the grocery store and making sure that you have all of the items on said list. Not only are the recipes created by the Hello Fresh chefs nutritious, but they are also quite tasty and a bit more interesting than the recipes that you might come up with on your own; coconut-crusted chicken fingers served with spiced sweet potato fries and garlic green beans, for example. You’ll get everything that you need – the fresh ingredients and the step-by-step instructions – to make meals like this on your own at home.

What’s in a Hello Fresh Recipe Box?

how hello fresh meal delivery works

Hello Fresh employs their own chefs that specialize in creating well-balanced and delicious meals. The company employs a staff that gathers all of the ingredients that are needed to create these meals from local suppliers, which means that you get the freshest ingredients to put together a nutritious and delicious meal on your own. All of the ingredients, as well as the recipes, are packed up in a box and shipped out to you, the consumer. Once you receive your Hello Fresh box, simply open it up, pull out the ingredients, the recipe and your pots and pans and start cooking. It’s really that simple!

The meals that Hello Fresh offers uses a meals X people formula; for example, a 4 X 3 kit will provide you with four meals with the ingredients and the recipe that is needed to create an each meal for three people. Offering various menu options, including favorite dishes, vegetarian meals and family boxes, which means you have a lot of options and you will be able to choose the meals and the amount of food that work best for you and the people you are cooking for. This system has proven to be very effective for Hello Fresh and their subscribers. Since 2011, when the first Hello Fresh branch opened, the meal delivery company has grown, and now services three countries and more than 500,000 customers; they deliver an estimated 7.2 meals every month.

Hello Fresh Reviews and Outcome

To prove their success, Hello Fresh provides reviews from the people who use their service so that those who are considering using the service can get a true understanding of what this food delivery service is all about, and the results that they offer. For example, one user, Courtney Stephens, said that Hello Fresh is ‘nothing short of awesome.’

One of the best Hello Fresh reviews is from C. Shaugnessy.  She said that Hello Fresh is the perfect solution for her and her family. She said that with this meal delivery service, she was able to prepare fresh, home cooked meals for herself and her family without a lot of wasted food. She said that since she started using this company, she has been able to really change up the food that she and her family eat. She now makes dishes that she would never have otherwise tried on her own, and it has really added a lot of excitement to eating in her house. This user said that Hello Fresh has really made meal time a lot more interesting and exciting in her house, and she can’t believe what a difference it has made for her family’s health. C. Shaughnessy did note one downside with Hello Fresh: She said that sometimes the ingredients that are supplied were not completely accurate; however, despite this issue, she still feels like the food delivery service has been a major benefit for her family.

A few other users reported complaints with Hello Fresh, but these charges were not related to the quality of the product that the company delivers, but rather with their accounts. Some users said that they had been billed for two different subscriptions, though they had only placed an order for one. These users reported that they had a hard time getting the help that they needed to correct the issue; however, all of these problems have been resolved.

Another Hello Fresh consumer, Cal, reported that the recipes provided by Hello Fresh were more difficult than he expected. He said that the company advertises that the recipes are easy to follow and quick to make; however, in reality, he said that they are complicated and take a lot of time. Cal also said that he felt like the portion sizes were too small. When contacted about this matter, Hello Fresh responded to the complaint by saying that their system is designed to allow customers to choose meals that are easy to make by choosing their ‘quick recipe’ option. They also said that their portion sizes are nutritionally balanced, and while this may make the portion sizes seem small, they are actually a healthy size for each person.

Another user, Kara B, said that she was very happy with the meal delivery service and with their quality of the food they offered; however, she did note that the ingredients need to be used as quickly as possible, otherwise they go to waste. She pointed out that the three meal box she ordered really had to be used within three days. Kara B did note that what she really liked about Hello Fresh was the diversity of food choices that they offer. She said that Hello Fresh has allowed her to experience foods that she would have otherwise never tried.

The Advantages and Disadvantages: What Hello Fresh Reviews Don’t Tell You


  • If you are looking to expand your food choices with items that you normally would only see on a menu, Hello Fresh offers you the opportunity to do so.
  • The ingredients are extremely fresh; in fact, they are so fresh that they do need to be used quickly. Otherwise, they could go bad.
  • Hello Fresh simplifies the process of cooking, and they make it more time efficient, too. That’s because you don’t have to spend the time looking through cookbooks or looking up recipes. The chefs at Hello Fresh come up with new dishes on a regular basis, and they supply you with all the ingredients and deliver them to your door, which means that you don’t have to worry about shopping for them yourself, or possibly forgetting to pick up an ingredient.
  • The food is packaged in clear bags, which allows you to easily see what is in them and sort through the ingredients so you can pull out what you need for each recipe.
  • They offer subscribers control over their meal plans, allowing them to miss a week when it is necessary. Users have up until 11:59 pm on Wednesday to hold the next week’s shipment.
  • All recipes come on durable cards that can be stored and reused in the future. Every recipe card highlights the level of difficulty, the time it will take to prepare, and the tools that are needed to make a meal.
  • The amount of calories in each meal are clearly illustrated; the average calorie count is between 500 and 800.
  • Hello Fresh offers a vegetarian only meal plan, which costs less money than other meal plans.
  • They offer meal replacement shakes, which are delicious and nutritious.


  • The minimum order for Hello Fresh serves two people.
  • You may not receive as much food as you would expect, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. The goal of Hello Fresh is to introduce their subscribers to healthy portion sizes; however, that may mean that your meals will be smaller than they would normally be.
  • The name indicates that all of the food from Hello Fresh is fresh; however, some of it does come in a can. For instance, you might receive canned beans for a casserole.
  • Hello Fresh offers a smaller and less diverse menu than some of the other companies that provide a similar service.

Where to Buy Hello Fresh

Buying Hello Fresh is easy. You can order their meals right on their official website. To get started, simply set up a Hello Fresh account by clicking on the ‘login’ button, and then select ‘New User.’

Once you have set up your account, select the subscription that best meets your needs. Options include:

  • Classic
  • Veggie
  • Family

Prices are based on the size of the box and the plan that you choose.

Hello Fresh is a subscription service. This means that you will automatically be charged and shipped the next box until you cancel your subscription. Charges go through on Tuesdays and the food is delivered every Saturday. You do have the option to pause your account, so if you are going on vacation or you want to skip a week, you can easily do so.


How does the food stay fresh when it is being delivered?

Hello Fresh takes great care to ensure that the food they deliver is properly packaged so that it will be delivered as fresh as it was when it left their facility. They pack their products in Styrofoam cooler boxes that are insulated and packed with ice. Meats, fish and poultry are packaged in vacuum-sealed bags. Produce and pantry items are arranged by meals and packaged in color-coded bags.

Are Additional Ingredients Necessary?

You will be supplied with all of the ingredients that you need to cook your meals. However, you may need to add basic household ingredients, such as seasonings, sugar, cooking oil and butter, which are not included.

What are the Calorie Counts for Hello Fresh Meals?

The Hello Fresh meals contain between 500 and 800 calories.

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