Four Reasons to Avoid Shin Ohtake’s MAX

Shin Ohtake’s MAX workout may be appealing for a number of reasons. Not only does the plan have a strenuous exercise routine but it also comes with a nutritional guide that could help individuals take control of their diet. While many may think MAX workout is all the rave, there are four reasons to avoid this exercise program.

MAX is extremely complicated

While there is nothing wrong with a workout plan that forces you to push through your perceived limitations, it becomes difficult to do so when you cannot figure out the routine. MAX has calisthenics that an expert would have to figure out. How much more would a beginner struggle with the drill?

MAX is a bit dull

Some customers who have reviewed the product celebrated the routine but shed light on the lack of spontaneity. Once you get the practice of MAX, the plan becomes an everyday ordeal. Anyone who has ever been to the gym knows that motivation is key. It is hard to get excited about something that repeats itself day in and out.

MAX comes with additional fees

You will have to pay extra for video demonstrations and workouts. The additional $20 per month also gives you access to forums that features others who are following the exercise plan.

There’s nothing left after MAX

Those who choose not to pay for new videos will be disappointed to learn that MAX isn’t one of those launching routines. Shin doesn’t provide any tips on how to create a plan of your own, which means that there is nothing left after you complete MAX.

In Conclusion

There are many workout routines that are easy to carry out and spontaneous; MAX isn’t one of those exercise plans. If you are and expert looking for a consistent regimen that is difficult to keep up with, then MAX is your best choice. If you are a beginner searching for motivation and a bit of ease to get you back into the trend of exercising, then search Here.

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  1. I am glad someone is saying it! My brother tried this work out and he gave up on it 3 times and was mad he wasted his money. This is more for people who have been exercising, not people who are new to it and can’t stick to schedules.

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