Focus T25 Review – Will this Workout Help in Weight-loss?


About Focus T25

To say it in short, Focus T 25 is a cardio and strength training program, which focuses on intensity rather than time spent or number of repetitions.

What makes the T25 special is the fact that it aims to provide the result of a 60 minute high intensity work out in 25 minutes, using special and well researched techniques. The program is solely about burning as much fat as possible and toning the muscles. Do note that if you are looking to bulk up, this is not the right program (Hint: Look for other programs on our website).

T25 was developed by one of the most popular personal fitness trainer around the world, namely Shaun T. Shaun has made his name quite fast in the industry and is most known for his Insanity Program – a ridiculously intense and equally hit workout program. As you would understand from the Insanity tag in the name, this program was super tough and had many people dropping out after a few sessions. However, those who stayed aboard saw drastic results and changed their lives forever. By looking at the success of the Insanity Program, we can be assured that T25 is no bluff and has been created by a person who knows the world of fitness inside out.

Shaun, and his team at BeachBody, developed T25 after viewing the feedback of his Insanity Program. During the development phase of this program, the researchers discovered that the body fat burns the most during the first 30 minutes of exercise. Using this as a basis, the researchers developed techniques and exercises to make the most of these 30 minutes to ensure that the body burns the most fat during this period. Hence, the Focus T25 has a 25 minute length per session. Each session has several exercises which are divided into brief burst outs and have a break of a few minutes (2-5 minutes) each.

The best thing about Focus T25 is that you do not need to use any gym equipment (no expensive purchases!) nor do you need to cut down your calorie intake suddenly. All you need is a small space to carry out all the body weight based intense exercises. These exercises are unique in the sense that they have been carefully selected to target the important muscle groups in the body (The quads, calves, core, upper body and hamstrings). For any beginner, the involvement of major muscles is of paramount importance and will lead to a better development of other minor muscle groups as well.

Who Can Benefit From Focus T25

There are two conditions that make you eligible for the T25 program. These are:

  • You want to burn fat
  • You want to tone your muscles

If you meet these conditions, then no matter the age or body type you have, you can use this program and get results. No matter if you are a teen body, a mum or a retired grandpa, Beachbody’s extensive research has enabled this program to execute excellently across all age groups. Forget working out for several hours a week when you can get everything done within 25 minutes. The T25 is revolutionary!

Why The T25 IS A Game Changer


As aforementioned, the T25 is not a program that has been developed by an inexperienced company. The team at Beachbody, led by Shaun T, has spent several months in research and development of this product. Their only mission was to create a program that gives the best strength training while also focusing on the cardio aspect of fitness. This was not an easy task to accomplish and required a series of experiments, before Beachbody landed with this program.

Beachbody has found out the best ways to use the initial 30 minutes for efficient fat burning, with no exceptions to body type, gender or age. It is super focused and you will find yourself sweating within the first minute of the session. There is no break until the session ends, so your body will be truly grilled and eventually shaped for perfection.

The high intensity program is a modern workout and is all the rage in the fitness world at the moment. Contrary to what many believe, the mechanism of intense exercises used by T25 have been affirmed as more effective than traditional exercises over long hours by several independent studies. This is extensively true if you want to lose fat. For building muscles, both the types of exercises (modern & conventional) have their own advantages.

Note: If you are looking for endurance, you must work out for long hours; otherwise your body will not be used to extensive load for long hours.

Short and Sweet Motto Of T25:

  • Shred Fat!
  • Eat Right!
  • No Excuses!
  • Get Ripped!

What Is In Included Upon Purchase

There is a set of items that you receive upon successfully purchasing the Focus T25. This includes:

  1. A Starting Guide. This will help get you started. It has all the basic information regarding the T25 and how it functions.
  2. Workout DVDs. There are eleven DVDs in total that are included. Each DVD contains a 25 minute session guidance. You would be required to work out for five days each week.
  3. A Workout Schedule. T25 has its own workout schedule that will help you keep track of what to do with each passing session.
  4. Fast Track Guidance For 5 Days. This will help amateurs and first timers get jump started on high intensity training.
  5. A Meal Plan. This is one of the most important items to help you maintain your fitness for the long term. It allows a hassle free meal planning. Do note that if you are used to having only three meals a day, you would be required to change your habit and accommodate six smaller meals a day.
  6. Work Out Calendar. This can be hung on the wall. It will help you track your progress and reflect your improvements.
  7. Resistance Band For Working Out. Unlike other exercises, you do not need any equipment for working out in T25 except using the resistance band.

As you can see, the T25 comes with an exclusive meal plan and a fast track guide. These are features that require additional purchases in alternate work out programs. However, with T25 you have everything in one place. There is no room for any error as you are guided throughout the program. Check it out for yourself and you will become one of the several devoted customers.

Workout Schedule Structure

The collection of DVDs, which come with Focus T25, are supposed to divided and used in two months respectively.

Month 1 – Alpha Phase

This is the phase in which you are going to put down your foundation and get in the grove for this program. It focuses on all the major muscle groups in your body. There are five DVDs dedicated for this phase. The first month features:

  1. Cardio Exercises. These are continuous exercises for 25 minutes. They will help build your stamina and improve your endurance.
  2. Speed Exercises (1.0). These are unique exercises to improve your speed, stretching ability and stability. Dancers are going to love this part!
  3. Full Body Circuit. This part focuses on improving your stamina and cardio related movements.
  4. Abs Training. This part aims to strengthen your core and give your greater stability. It is recommended to use a yoga mat for this part.
  5. Lower Body Training: This will keep your legs and thighs in check.
  6. Stretch. This is the part where you would get to relax.

Month 2 – Beta Phase

This is the second phase and is the part where the actual intensity rakes in.

  1. Core Cardio Training. Now you are going to do serious cardio and step up several levels.
  2. Speed Exercises (2.0). These are higher level exercises to improve your speed, stretching ability and stability.
  3. RIP’t Circuit. This focuses on upper body and lower body. The exercises are too intense and will test your body to the limit.
  4. Dynamic Core. This part gives you a chance to train your abs and core muscles.
  5. Dedicated Upper Body. Strictly Upper body workout to build strength.
  6. Core Endurance And Speed. Working in core and agility moves to increase your speed.

Incorporated into the bundle is a schedule that will let you know what day to do every workout. You get the DVD for that workout, hit play and you follow the instructions of Shaun T, through the 25 minute workout. Super straightforward!

Are There Any Requirements For Add Ons Or Promotional Products

In single word, no. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have the additional money, we profoundly recommend you to go for the Shakeology shake! It’s an incredible answer for nutrient-rich meal substitution and recuperation drink. Low in sugar and carbs, stuffed with protein and awesome in taste. It certainly is a supporter to the sustenance plan prescribed by T25 and helps to shed serious pounds. It’s a bit on the expensive side, yet on the other hand the majority of the quality items are. One excursion to GNC or Whole Foods will let you know that. Secondly, we also recommend a yoga mat. It will help provide support to your body during the exercises and will keep sweat off your floor or carpet.

Pro Tips Especially For First Timers:

No doubt about it. This is a power packed program. Regardless of the possibility that you’re rationally prepared, you additionally should be, in any event, fairly physically prepared to take it all out. A few tips to help in this regard are:

  • In case you’re flabby and unfit, take the exercises with a moderate attitude and do not try to become Hercules from day one. Pace yourself at the start and do what you can for the entire workout!
  • On the off chance that the intense jumping is a lot for you, begin with the adjusted variant.
  • Be set up to grind your body and feel genuine leg burn!
  • The initial week will be hard so don’t stop. Focus on finishing it.
  • Rehash the main week in the event that you were unable to execute the exercises properly.
  • Put money into the Shakeology product just in the event that you truly require a great meal replacement – (Highly Recommended!)
  • The warm-up periods are usually short. We recommend some more dynamic extending before beginning.
  • The warm-down is somewhat short also, consider extended stretching post-session.
  • Arrange your suppers and cook them on Sundays. Keep them in little compartments so you can, without much of a stretch, heat and eat them on the go.
  • We recommend freezing some of your suppers and take them out on Wednesdays to utilize later in the week.
  • Workout in the morning before work, that way nothing can get in your path later to drive you to avoid the workout.


On the off chance that there is anything you can call a drawback in this program, this might be it. Like Shaun’s Insanity program, you truly should be watchful about the jumping exercises in the schedules! Particularly in the event that you have any previous or recurring knee or back issues.

You have to adjust the workout in the event that you have current knee issues, e.g. you will do lateral jumping side to side. If you feel something is not going right, try to adapt.


The Focus T25 is truly an effective high intensity work out program.
You will see that BeachBody offers three distinct bundles:

  • The Basic (the minimum priced option)
  • The Deluxe (their mid-run item)
  • The Challenge Pack (gives everything except for transplanted muscles!)
  • Pick the right bundle for yourself in light of your needs and budget here!

Recall that you can do this at the solace of your own home, you don’t need to purchase gear and you are saving money on a month to month rec center / gym participation. Therefore the cost is only a one-time thing. In this way, simply purchase your preferred bundle and post your remarks on how you are getting along so others can catch wind of your outcomes as well!

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