Best Smartphone Apps for health and Fitness to stay Fit

Cutting off the extra inches is not that easy as perceived. It demands a lot of effort and patience. This is the reason that the number of people discontinuing their gym session is way more than the numbers of newly joining people. All are not serious to strictly maintain the diets or workout schedules amidst the whole regular duties. People hire personal trainers to instruct them in their workouts, few follow expert’s advice and also diet books. However, things have gone way lot smarter in the present era of technology. The process of losing weight has become pretty interesting these days through the help of Smartphones.

Loads of options:

One can have a wide range of health or fitness apps these days for Smartphone, tablets, or similar portable device platforms. In fact, about 80% of Americans prefer wearable health apps than consulting a fitness expert in regular intervals. These apps make sure that weight loss process is no more boring or stressful. These apps keep on encouraging you through updates about the calories you lost. You can have diet recommendations as well, according to the level of your workout.

There are also apps to tell you about the kind of workout recommended for the body type you want. No need to visit a specialist dietician as these apps are enough to advise you about the low-Calorie recipes, Protein supplements to daily diet plans. All you need is to have a Smartphone (preferably of Android or iOS) to make the most of such incredible apps.

If you feel that your weight loss process is too timid, have a health app immediately without making any further delay. There is no need to mention that numbers of amazing health apps are available on the Internet, and can be easily downloaded without any charges. Moreover, these apps can be easily used by anyone, even with minimal technical knowledge. It’s a matter of few clicks in most cases to download and get started.

People are paying attention to it:

According to Studies it’s noted that around 45% people want to diagnose their health report prior sleeping. They don’t just check, rather work on it. Interestingly, about 75% contemporary women during their pregnancy prefer checking their health conditions through health apps. Such dependencies of modern day humans on health apps can be evident through significant growth in business of these apps. Greater usage of Smartphone’s or tablets can also be cited as a prominent reason behind such noteworthy growth in business. But, it’s the efficacy of these apps that is indeed the foremost factors behind growing number of health apps.

Some interesting health apps making workouts fun:

As explained above, the interesting part about modern day health apps is that these are never boring. These products (apps) are developed strategically to attract more number of users for it. Music work out apps can be the very good examples on this regards. Such apps have been significant in improving your workout through the tunes of your favorite number, and you can’t even notice about the same.

Similarly, the apps like Cyclometer can turn the boring cycling workout into one of the most interesting.  The app is rich with enchanting features. It gathers useful information to encourage someone to his workout. Not just cycling; the app can keep track of your walk and running performance as well. Cyclometer app is an app for iOS users

  1. FitStar Personal Trainer: Your ultimate trainer:

FitStar Personal Trainer can be a very good recommendation for people those who feel that work-out should be done only under the thorough supervision of expert trainers. Interesting here is to mention that Tony Gonzalez, the former NFL star is the prime contender behind development of this fantastic app. The app can definitely boost your confidence of getting back in shape. This iOS health app is available for free to download.

2. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App: 7 minute is enough:

Here comes one of the finest apps for modern day professionals who complain that they are interested in workouts, but don’t find enough time for the same. It’s the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App being talked out, that can be availed absolutely for free. This app assists you in constructing some workouts within your schedule, at the right intensity level suited for you.

The best part about the app is its user-friendly and catchy interface. You don’t need any high-end workout equipment, except a chair. No need to worry about any work delay as it takes 7 minutes from your daily schedule. These workouts are best fit for the desk job professionals. It includes both moderate and high intensity level workouts like pushups, crunches, side plank, etc. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App trains and checks your performance at the same time.

3. Diet Point: For foodies:

Many people believe that a healthy diet is the first step of fitness, which is a fact. Very few people, unless someone is a dietician or any similar expert, can talk about healthy diets though. Diet Point is the best health app you can have presently if you are not a diet expert. Interesting part about this absolutely free app is primarily focused on recommending healthy and delectable recipes for people who don’t want to control their appetite but wish to stay fit and healthy at the same time. This is the reason that the app has managed to grab a lot of popularity over the globe. Not just the healthy recipes, you can have other interesting features like mealtime reminder that keeps you prompt on your diet.

4. Sworkit:  For busy bee:

This is another very good app for someone a busy bee who find every workout time consuming for his lifestyle. You can have a broad detail of different workouts. There are workouts spanning 5 minutes to those of one-two hours. The app provides complete detail about each workout as well. As a result, you can easily find out the one/ones, which fit your lifestyle better.

Ultimately, it can be claimed that no excuse holds truth if you are not fit. The above mentioned apps and facts rubbish the claims that say technology has made people lazy. Rather, it can be claimed that technology is eager to make you fit and fine.

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