Best Progresso Soup Diet for Fast Weight Loss

If anyone is looking for a quick and easy solution in terms of weight loss, they should try the Progresso soup diet. This diet has become very popular in terms of cutting down fat and helping people lose weight. However, you should keep in mind that you should not be on a diet like this for a long time because it involves you eating a fairly low amount of calories. This is good for weight loss in the short-term, but keeping it going continuously can cut down on your energy and be bad for you in general.

The Progresso soup diet started out when the proprietors of the Progresso light soups started a contest that had participants lose weight competitively while eating a diet consisting of only the light soups. The diet then became popular because of the internet publicity generated by the contest.

Progresso Diet Soup for Fast weight loss

If someone is on the Progresso soup diet, what they will be doing is eating all sorts of different Progresso soups. There are many different types of Progresso soups, all of which are well under 100 calories for every serving. Alternately to diet soup, meal replacement shakes are used for weight loss which we have reviewed. If you make a Progresso soup your main meal for a week, you will be able to keep track of how many calories you end up consuming.

You probably feel that it would be boring and tedious to eat the same soup for every meal every single day, and this diet allows you to vary your meals quite a bit, as there are so many different options that you can choose from. Progresso soups are surprisingly full of flavor and tasty so that you do not need to spice up your foods by adding extra condiments or cheese that can just raise the calorie count more than you are even aware.

Basically, in order to be on this diet, you will need to eat Progresso soup for every meal and track how many calories you are consuming. It is a fairly easy diet, and there are many advantages. The soup is conveniently packaged, making it easy to control portion sizes.The other diet is through 310 Shake which helps in reducing stubborn fat from the body.

There is a great variety in terms of taste and flavor as well, some of the options being savory vegetable barley soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken wild rice soup, minestrone, Italian wedding soup, and much more. Eating these suits can also earn you Weight Watchers points, as this is the only brand of soup that is backed by Weight Watchers. It is also quick and convenient, is you only have to microwave it for 5 minutes to have a ready meal.

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  1. While this is certainly convenient, I think people are better off making their own soup. I know that takes time and can be expensive up front but I know someone who did it and it worked for her. She also did the progressive diet before doing her own soups and said it left her hungry all the time.

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