3 Tips for Lightening Dark Lips

If your lips are on the darker side, you may have noticed a frustrating side effect of lipstick colors never quite seeming to match. A color can look absolutely fantastic in the tube but then look completely different once you apply it. Even though many retailers will accept returns on cosmetics, it can be a pain to have to go back and forth to the store until you can find your perfect color. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks that you can use to lighten your lips naturally so that your lipstick color comes out more true to the color in the tube once applied.

1. Apply Makeup Strategically

A little foundation can go a long way. Dab a bit in the center of your lips and blend well with a sponge or lip brush. It will help to mute and soften your natural lip color, giving you a more neutral base to start from. Apply your lipstick or gloss over the top as usual. As an added bonus, the light layer of foundation helps your color last longer before needing to reapply. Concealer works as well, but you may need to thin it out a bit so that it goes on smoothly without settling into the creases in your lips.

2. Practice Sun Protection

When you’re trying to lighten your lips, you’ll also want to take care to prevent them from getting any darker. It is important to protect your lips from the sun, even when it is cloudy outside. The sun’s UV rays can still penetrate through the clouds, so be sure to wear lip protection with at least SPF 15 any time you will be outside. The higher the SPF, the better the protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You can apply lipstick on top of the SPF lip balm.

lighter lips

3.Use a Lemon Scrub

Lemon juice has naturally brightening properties. Just as it can lighten your hair, it can lighten your lip tone as well. Mix some up with raw sugar and apply to your lips as a mask. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before scrubbing off. The sugar acts as an exfoliating agent, removing any dead skin from your lips, leaving them supple and soft. Be sure to apply moisturizing lip balm after rinsing, as lemon juice can be a bit drying to the delicate skin on your lips.

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  1. I have to try a lemon scrub! My lips aren’t dark but I love when they appear more pale. I actually use pale colors in lipstick for that very reason. I know lemon is useful for many other things as well.

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